Lori Cleaver Realtor

If you are in a situation where you have separated from your spouse or thinking of it, one of the most important decisions is that of the matrimonial home.  Who is going to remain in the home? Who is going to leave? Can you afford to buy your spouse out and keep the home?  

These are all daunting scenerios and somewhat scary to have to deal with.  There are several ways to deal with the division of family assets and, if there is some amicability with your spouse, the transition into what happens with this larger asset amongst others isn't as bad as it may seem.  There is of course the challenge of that difficult spouse/partner who despite everything you do will make your life a living nighmare, in which case court intervention may be the only answer.  

Either way, my background of over 25 years working in the family law field has provided me extensive knowledge, not only in all aspects of separation and divorce, but also assisting people with the sale of their family home.  I can provide you with resources to help you with the smoothest transition possible.  Remember, a home is where you make it!

This time in your life doesn't need to be scary and I can help guide you with the assurance you need throughout the sale process.  

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